MADRID LUXURY ART 2023 Press Presentation

Madrid Luxury Art is promoted by Madrid Luxury District and AGM Art Management within the framework of the Madrid Fashion Capital program in collaboration with the Madrid City Council.
Madrid became an open-air urban museum in March 2023 with the arrival of the II Edition of Madrid Luxury Art. The works came from private collections, the workshops of the best artists and the main international galleries.

MLA created a tour of 20 sculptors and more than 30 contemporary art sculptures in the heart of Ortega and Gasset, in Salamanca’s district, bringing to the capital art sculptures that had its reference in Iberoamerican sculptors.

All the works were exhibited outside along Ortega and Gasset Street or inside the associates belonging to Madrid Luxury District such as Bvlgari, Jimmy Choo, Lavinia, Rosewood Villa Magna, Chaumet, among others.

MLA presentación a prensa

Madrid Luxury Art brings together artists with their works such as Odnoder with con “La danza del viento”, “La danza del amor”, “Amor eterno” and “Maternidad” exhibited inside Jaeger Le-
Coultre; Manolo Valdés with “Luna”; Rafael Barrios with his works “Razante” and “Malabarismo vertical”; Manolo Valdés with “Cabeza con helechos plateados III” located inside Chaumet and “Cabeza con tocado bombacáceas grandes”; Aurora Cañero and her sculpture “Socorrista de Biarritz”; Ricardo Cárdenas with “Nido”; Isabel Alonso Vega presenting her work “Oscuridad roja” inside Jimmy Choo; Baltasar Lobo with his work “Piece D’Eau sur Socle”; Carlos Albert with “Blue compas”; Sydia Reyes and his “Multiverso”; Carlos Medina exhibiting his work in Panerai with “Fragmento de lluvia para Caracas”, “Gota” and “Círculo y Cuadrado”; Diego Canogar with “Tetramorfo Extendido 21N” and “Gran enroscada roja”; David Rodríguez Caballero with “Máscara” and “15 mayo 2015”; Jaume Plensa and “Tel Aviv man XIX” exhibited inside Edificio Beatriz; James Mathison with “Mano”; Ana Margarita Ramírez with her “Selva Negra” and “Selva Blanca”; Andrea Benítez and “Totem C1”; Juan Díaz-Faes with “Pitarras”; Fernando Botero with his sculpture located inside Rosewood Villa Magna “Standing woman with apple” and the last Fernando Suárez Reguera and his sculpture on water “Big module transverse villages”.