Madrid Luxury District Association

Madrid Luxury District (MLD) is a project that was born as an association of stores and firms in the area around José Ortega y Gasset street in the capital. It is a space for collaboration, exchange and mutual support for the promotion of excellence and innovation in shopping experiences in the city of Madrid.
The challenge is, therefore, to attract quality tourists to this part of the city, and for the José Ortega y Gasset area to become a destination and a benchmark in global shopping tourism.

MLD was born from the impulse and vision of Inmaculada Pérez Castellanos, a specialized lawyer with years of experience in the world of luxury and premium retail in Madrid. To achieve this goal, the firms in the area have enthusiastically joined MLD in order to move forward together in a city project in which merchants and institutions work hand in hand.

MLD seeks to turn this part of the city into a living stage where the great fashion, cultural, gastronomic or sporting events that take place in the capital are also reflected, with their own style, in the area of José Ortega y Gasset.

We want to add the voice of MLD to the heartbeat of the city of Madrid, and that its neighbors and visitors treasure new emotions and experiences, participating in this renewed vision of the capital.


The aim of the association is to achieve synergies among its members in order to improve the image, revitalize and diversify this shopping area, facilitate the emergence of an attractive gastronomic offer, and promote and sponsor the holding of regular cultural, artistic and sporting events that will make this part of the city an obligatory destination on the shopping visitor’s route. All of this with excellence, innovation and commitment to the city of Madrid as fundamental principles.

The association will organize and sponsor artistic, cultural and gastronomic events centered on José Ortega y Gasset Street to make visitors’ experience unforgettable. Likewise, a reciprocal commitment will be sought from the institutions (Madrid City Council, Community of Madrid and Government of Spain), in which the Association will act before these bodies as a spokesperson for the interests of the merchants and a vehicle for the development of new projects.

Through the website and other online communication channels the association will periodically publish:

  • Information on the activities promoted by the Association.
  • Events of interest in the city related to the world of fashion, design, art, culture, events of relevance to visitors.
  • Directory of luxury brands.
  • Directory of hotels and luxury accommodations.
  • Directory of luxury services and experiences (concierge, beauty, catering, personal shopper).
  • Cultural agenda.

We want to open the doors of the José Ortega y Gasset area so that the city of Madrid can open them to the world, in order to see the rebirth of this emblematic street.

If we stop and think about our favorite place, whether it is a street in a city, an area or a district, there is a common thread: we feel part of it, we appropriate it. It belongs to us. This sense of ownership is established because the place creates an emotional reaction in us. This reaction is based on everything that is part of the place. Its location, its stores, its architecture, its people…, giving rise to a unique experience, which is what connects with us.

Madrid Luxury District proposes to take the brands’ discourse beyond the physical place, connecting them with the life experience. This only happens when the brand has managed to become part of the place itself, and really reflects the DNA and character of the place, not just as a logo or signage, but is present at every point of contact. It’s not something physical, it’s a feeling and a meaning that is authentic, not manufactured.

It is our goal.

Welcome to Madrid Luxury District.

Become a Madrid Luxury District member

In Madrid Luxury District we welcome any national or international luxury firm that develops its activity in the area of Jose Ortega y Gasset and Barrio de Salamanca. If you are interested in joining Madrid Luxury District, please contact us at:

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