Welcome to Madrid Luxury District

Last Thursday, the big fashion and luxury firms of the capital met in Madrid at the opening event of the Madrid Luxury District association, created to boost the Ortega y Gasset area of ​​the capital.

Lavinia wine and restaurant shop on José Ortega y Gasset street in Madrid hosted the inauguration of the Madrid Luxury District, an association created by the major brands and businesses in this exclusive area of ​​the capital.

The MLD association is the sponsor of a special Christmas lighting on the street in the form of lighting cherry trees. This action is part of the activities and events planned by MLD with the support of the government of the Community of Madrid and the City Council, which were present at the opening ceremony.

The founding partners of MLD include Bulgari, Dior, Entredós Antigüedades, Jimmy Choo, Lavinia, Loro Piana, Nicol’s, Tifany & Co. and Pérez Castellanos as an honorary partner.


In the words of Concepción Díaz de Villegas, General Director of Commerce and Entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council, “it is important to carry out actions to boost trade in the entire area of ​​the Salamanca district”.

The representative of the City Council congratulated the associated companies for consolidating a project that will boost tourism for quality purchases in the capital. He also mentioned the signing of an agreement between Madrid Luxury District and the Madrid Capital of Fashion program of the consistory.

Mª José Pérez-Cejuela, General Director of Commerce and Consumer Affairs of the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Finance of the Autonomous Community of Madrid also began her speech by congratulating the MLD association: “Luxury in Madrid is finally united. Thankfully, you have mobilized to attract quality tourists! “Pérez-Cejuela referred to the seven-star Madrid project aimed at attracting international tourists to the region, in which Madrid Luxury District will also participate.

Ms. Mª Ángeles Rodríguez Yunta, Assistant General Director of Support for Small Business Competitiveness of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, as a government representative, commented that making Madrid a reference in shopping tourism is a “common effort” and highlighted “the value of associations such as Madrid Luxury District since it transmits closeness to the fashion sector”.

Inmaculada Pérez Castellanos, specialist lawyer with years of experience in the retail world in Madrid, and promoter of the MLD association, emphasized that during the inauguration the objective was for “the Ortega y Gasset area to reach its true potential”, because ” Madrid is fashionable, and we want to help ensure that this is not just a passing fad, but something sustained in time, like Paris and London. “

Daniel Vicente Nicolás Miras, President of the Madrid Luxury District Association and the inauguration godmother Juncal Rivero closed the ceremony with the subsequent lighting of the Christmas lighting and a concert of live jazz music by the Barba Dixie Band group, which came out the street to liven up the evening for the passers-by, who could also enjoy a drink in the shops open for the occasion.