Witnesses from the Past

Classic style sideboard

Antiques are witnesses to a time, a moment and a place. They are a window into the past. Sublime, exquisite, unique pieces in an aesthetic dialogue between the past and the present, written in noble materials, and within the reach of only a select few.

The antiques sector is an emerging market in cities such as Madrid, Paris or London, which are capitals of some of the countries with the most history in the world. Antiquarians, auctions and flea markets, take care of history and the pieces which have formed part of it, in order to create unique collections from all over for the delight of buyers and collectors.

A Classic Luxury

In a time of rapidly evolving trends, industrial processes and assembly lines, we look back into the past to rediscover the concept of luxury. Exclusivity, craftsmanship, personalisation, natural materials and longevity stake their claim among the chaos of the ephemeral and the artificial.

Antiques represent classic luxury. Unique, handmade pieces take us back to the past and travel to places through time. Pieces which tell us about their origins, their history and their character.

Madrid has a great craft tradition. Some of its antique shops date back more than 400 years. Collectors from around the world travel to Spain to find unique pieces of furniture, painting and sculpture.

Age, design, craftsman and the state of preservation are relevant factors in establishing the value of a piece in the international art and antiques market. Other factors such as scarcity, originality or place of origin as well as the history of the jewellery, its destination, for whom it was conceived or its previous owners are also important.

Dialogue between the Old and the New.

Antiques are in fashion and the high priests of high-end decor like Jacques García opt for blends. Fearlessly combining antiques with furniture and contemporary art which ennobles and enhances its surroundings. Different styles and periods are joined together in the same place to achieve the perfect combination.

Modern interior with pieces of classic style.

 “Antiques raise the standing of a space, while taking care of our soul and safeguarding our legacy. They are a timeless luxury, which does not speak of fashions or trends but of memories “

José Carlos Méndez, partner of  Entredós Antigüedades