New Jewellery Side by Side with Traditional Jewellery

Madrid is the birthplace and showcase of Spanish fine jewellery. As you walk through its streets, you will often see women proudly wearing some of the unique jewellery created by our craftsmen, designers and goldsmiths.  

Imposing boutiques have been located in some of the city’s most exclusive districts since the beginning of the century, when the great jewellery houses such as Nicols, Montejo and Aldao made Madrid a byword for fine craftsmanship. The tradition endures to this day and has lost none of its splendour.

Nicols was one of those city’s first craft jewellers’ families. The firm’s innovative, avant-garde spirit soon won customers’ hearts. Later, with the arrival of the big international jewellery firms such as BulgariTiffany or Cartier, the streets around Calle  José Ortega & Gasset, became Madrid’s monument to luxury in what we know today as Madrid’s Golden Mile.

Heritage and Tradition

Times have changed but these exclusive firms have evolved and continue to be in the vanguard of trends in jewellery.  Craftsmanship remains at the heart of their business.

They have chosen to combine their marvellous heritage and tradition with modernity.

Their pieces and collections include magnificent jewels created from years of experience, exquisite materials and unique designs, which reflect the quality and creativity of Spanish jewellery.  These great firms and their jewels are appreciated all over the world and feature on magazine covers, in fashion shows and in international partnerships with the giants of the fashion world.

The only thing that has not changed over the years is the shopping experience at Madrid’s great jewellers. Visiting one of these jewellers is to enter a universe where every detail is carefully designed to seduce the senses. Exquisite service in places created for enjoyment and to stimulate the senses, which highlight every detail of each of the pieces. A place where the history of these firms and the traditional luxury of the early years blends with the latest trends and with new technologies.

Fashion and Jewellery

The world of luxury jewellery, what we know as “Hard Luxury” is increasingly linked to the world of fashion. Jewellery has become not just an accessory but the real star of today’s most important events, collections and fashion shows. 

New trends, new materials, new generations … a sector, which has managed to reinvent itself and evolve by fusing tradition with exclusivity and the latest trends.

 “Nicols has always been at the forefront of new trends and has always gone one step further. It was the first to use unconventional materials in jewellery. Today, its Safari collection is the benchmark for the most important Spanish fashion magazines. “

Daniel Nicols, Vice President of  Nicols Joyeros

The New Generation and the Future

The new generation seeks brands, which provide values ​​and interesting experiences. The consumers of the current luxury look for unique, personal pieces which say something about them and portray the firm which designs them.

Design, product excellence and quality are the key pillars which support the future of the great luxury jewellery firms and their collections.

Trends come and go but jewels are more than that. Jewellery is an art in constant evolution, a serene and exquisite luxury which highlights uncontrived beauty.