Celine Maison de Couture

The French Maison was founded by Madame Céline at the beginning of World War II as a children’s shoe brand, at number 52 on the rue de Malte in Paris, but the brand quickly evolved towards a prêt-à-porter made by and for the real life.

In the 60s, created its first leather goods and accessories, at which time Céline began to defend the idea of ​​Parisian elegance through the pillars of the Maison: the savoir-faire and the use of the best materials quality.

After the death of its founder, almost 60 years later the LVMH group acquired the brand and placed it in the hands of designer Michael Kors, in charge of rejuvenating the Maison, the quintessence of Parisian chic.

After the departure of Michael Kors, Croatian designer Ivana Omazic took the baton. “Madame Céline founded the firm with an innovative philosophy that she called Couture Sportwear herself. I wanted to respect him and recover Céline’s feminine roots, adapting them to today’s woman, ” she told to Vogue Spain in December 2005.

Finally, in 2007, the acclaimed Phoebe Philo returned to the fashion world after three years, assuming the reins of the creation of the firm, debuting in front of Céline with a collection that Vogue qualifies as “great austere and necessary sentry” immediately , the Maison was among the top positions in the lists of fashion experts in the world.

With the arrival of Phoebe Philo the timeless and basic wardrobe designs had an imminent impact. Classic, practical and very refined pieces were imposed as a trend and filled the windows of all multinationals with their reinterpretations.

In 2017, Phoebe Philo leaves Céline leaving impeccable work and an exquisite and internationally recognized brand. This closes the most key chapter of the Maison after ten years of success and worldwide recognition.

Today, the artistic director of the brand, Hedi Slimane, reaffirms the spirit of Parisian elegance in the workshops at Rue Vivienne, 16. His “haute couture” designs, combined with accessories and with the ready-to-wear line, show the influence of meticulous French craftsmanship in Celine’s closet. to celebrate this legacy, the monogram «triomphe» returns: symbol of the Celine house since 1971.

Le Twist by Celine

The brand broke into the fashion landscape of the 2000s as an antithesis of what was previously seen. Céline presented simple, rational and practical looks that talked about the power of women and their independence, not seduction.

This is how the Phoebe Philo stylewas born: baggy silhouettes and noble materials, never exuberant looks in which comfort, precision and freedom of movement are the protagonists of shapes and materials. Sobriety and luxury escaping vulgarity and ostentation.

She explained on numerous occasions that her creations were designed with women in their daily lives, their work and their belonging to today’s world, not their sexuality.

Céline once again placed the term “minimal” in the center of fashion with energetic oversize coats, thick sweaters and wide pants that fell in love with the entire world.

The accessories of the new line of the Maison have also been immediately imposed on the fashion scene. Precision in form, perfection of execution and unquestionable quality. Each signature bag has become a highly coveted object.

Céline has been responsible for providing new airs for women’s fashion by presenting unique creations and strong looks that dress women today. A prestigious luxury firm that today is a source of inspiration and has driven new trends in the sector.