Madrid Luxury District signs a Collaboration Agreement with the Community of Madrid CAM 2021

Through the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Competitiveness, current Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment, Madrid Luxury District and the Community of Madrid signed on April 9, 2021 accession to the Collaboration Agreement for technical assistance in the management, promotion and promotion of commercial activity.

The Community of Madrid, aware of the relevance of trade, composed of a rich and wide range of trade ranging from the most traditional to the most innovative trade, as one of the most relevant productive sectors of the economic fabric, it develops a promotional technical strategy through the Ministry of Economy, employment and Competitiveness and Sector Partnerships.

In this context, and as a luxury trade route, MLD benefits from the technical assistance provided for in the Collaboration Agreement, namely: regulations applicable to the commercial sector, digitalization and branding, market analysis, creation of online and offline digital marketing campaigns as well as technical advice for the elaboration of the Madrid Luxury Art project, among others.

An incentive to give greater impetus to Madrid Luxury District, a space for collaboration, exchange and mutual support between the firms of the Salamanca district for the planning, promotion and development of the activity in the city of Madrid.